A Winter Wonderland Shoot

Winters in Washington are always freezing. (Unless you live in Eastern Washington. Then you get freezing temperatures and 10 feet of sown.

But on the Western side of Washington, you get little to no snow depending on where you live. And freezing temperatures.)

And with winter season, photographers work on other projects to keep them busy. Cause the winter months, some times spring, there is hardly any work for photographers. So, to keep myself busy, I asked one of friends to model for me.

I met Amanda when I worked at Picture People. You wouldn’t believe it, but she was shy when we first met. And she’s an inspiring photographer as well.

When Amanda and I set out to do this shoot, the winter weather was in full force.

Amanda was such a trooper. Even when I made her sit on the wet, frozen ground. She did it with no complaint!!

She even braved the snow in a skirt too.

Thank you Amanda for trekking along with me in the snow to find these amazing spots.

You’re AMAZING!! Thank YOU!!