Anthony’s Sr Photo Shoot

This was my last shoot of 2016. And the weather for that day was not going as planed. It was rainy at one point. And then it was trying to snow at another point. But, as I was leaving Everett and heading to Seattle, the weather was clearing up. There were no rain or snow cloud in site. Feeling the warmth of the sun was so wonderful considering I was freezing before I left. But, the sun was just an illusion. Even though it was sunny, it was every bit of freezing and chilly do to the winds.

But that didn’t stop us from doing the shoot.

I remember the first the time I photographed Anthony, he was just a kid. Shorter then me. And full of energy.

Now, still full of energy but he towers over me!!

(Boy did I feel short!!)

We spent the day over in Kerry Park. And then headed over down to Pike Place Market.

Watched some fish being tossed and walking the streets of Seattle.

Anthony, I hope you enjoy you last year of high school and that you’ll have a blast enjoying the college life.

Thank you for letting me photograph you again!!