Crystal & Sunie’s Sr Photo Shoot

I remember being in middle school and high school with my closest friends. The things we did has kids were nothing compared to what teenagers do now a days. I remember we had teen night at a local elementary school every Thursday. We went to the skate deck every Friday night. And skated until we were tired. And bought glow sticks and fake flowers that costed us a dollar or two.

But what I mostly remember are the sleep overs and the staying up talking until morning light. I have so many memories from that point in my life. Even one of us in the back seat of my mom’s station wagon. Hollering at boys that were passing by.

As we got older, we went different ways as adults. We still kept in touch, but not like when we were younger.

We got busy with life.

But have always been there for one another.

And when I did this photo shoot. It brought back so many memories, that I didn’t want the day to end.

I’ve know Crystal since I was middle school/high school.

Now your probably asking “Valerie, how is that possible when she is graduating high school now?”

Well ,I’ve been best friends with her older sister since the first day I moved to Lake Stevens.

Watching Crystal and her best friend Sunie brought back so many memories of how her sister and I

use to be.

Care free and nothing to worry about.

All I have to say is, Crystal and Sunie enjoy life. Enjoy the little things you guys do.

I know you ladies will be friends for a life time.