The Past is The Past

Ya, I stole that from the Lion King. Hey it’s a great movie. I loved it as a kid. And I still love it as an adult. Heck even my son loves and he’s only two. The scary thing is, well my husband thinks it is, I still know all the words and songs to the movie!! Ya, I’m a Disney kid at heart.

But with that being said, this blog post has been hard to type.

Just last year I found out that the land my child hood home was on, along with many other things, was sold for housing development. Now, I can say the past is in the past and the home has no memory to me. It’s just a home.

Well, I would lying if  I said that.

That home was every thing to me.

I grew up riding my bike up and down the long stretch of road. Or even rollerblading. It’s were I spent hours mastering my art skills in drawing.

It’s also where I meant my four best friends. And having one of them directly across the street from me.

That house made me the person that I’m today. The good and all the crappy bad that went with it.

It was very heart breaking to hear.


Just this month my best friend post photos of the house torn down. Her family, who were like my second family, were the last people to own it. Sadly, they couldn’t get enough founds to move the home to a different lot. So, it was left there. To be torn down by the construction workers.

(Side note, my second family found a permanent place to stay. I’m thankful that they were able to do that.)

When I saw her photos, I was in disbelief. Like, no way that happened!!

I had to see it for my self.

So, after my twin nephews birthday, I drove over there.

Parked the car were I used to stand and wait for the bus every morning and saw it all gone with my own eyes.

I was heart broken, cause my son will never know what my old house used to look like. Or the adventures that I had in this area.

I do have pictures, some, from when I was very young of the house. And I have all the memories that made up my childhood from that house as well.

For now, I will patiently wait to see what type of housing development that they are going to put there.

Lake Stevens is a growing community, hopefully they don’t run out of room for everyone.

Side note: I didn’t have my camera with me. I only had my cell phone. So the picture quality isn’t all that great.