Hi There!!

You have arrived to the about me area!!

My name is Valerie. Or Valpack as some like to call me.

I don't have an amazing story as to how I got into photography. But I do have a love for the arts. And photography is one of them.

I did four years of portrait photography.

(2 years at Picture People and 2 years at JcPenney Portraits.)


2022 will be my 12th year as a freelance photographer.


I love food, the color pink, and scary movies.

(yes scary movies)

But mostly, I love my son, and our three cats Awesome,Midnight and Athena.

And between those four, my hands are always full with excitement!!


I love to go adventures and see new things and meeting new people!!

I'm also a firm believer that love is love and the world needs more of it.

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** Photo credit to my wonderful friend Jessica Raney of

Raney Day Photography!! **