I love California. I grew up in the San Diego area.

I loved the beaches and the warm sun on my skin.

When I was 12 years old, my family and I moved up here to Washington.

Ever since then, I’ve loved going back to California to visit family members.

This time, instead of spending a week with family, I did just a day. And I did it with my son. By my self.

First off, I give props to the moms that do this by them self on the daily. And that have more then one kid. I applauded you. You are amazing!!

My son was amazing. On take off he was amazing as well. Even in our lay over in San Francisco. When we landed in San Diego, that’s when he threw his fit.

Before you say it was his ears popping, it wasn’t. Our flight was delayed In Seattle for almost an hour. So by the time we reach San Diego, it was midnight.

So, he was very over tired. Plus I wouldn’t let him have any more snacks.

( I know, I’m a bad mom, right!?)

When Saturday morning came along, It was filled with spending time with family members. My son finally got to meet my mom, my uncle, my aunt and their kids.

He was so loved!! And he loved every one!!

Saturday night we spent it at a hotel with my sisters. (One of them was getting married on Sunday.) He adores my sisters. And they adore him.

It was nice having that bonding moment between us girls. I miss it on the daily from them. (Plus we were missing one sister too. She couldn’t make out there.

We love you Angelica!!)

When Sunday came, I really didn’t want the day to end. Cause once it ended, we were on a plane heading home.

I’m very fortunate that I got to see my sister get ready. And even help her get into her wedding dress.

( I was the only one that knew how to tie it!)

I even cried cause she looked so beautiful. And it was me seeing this little girl all grown up. She was no longer that little sister that I remember. She was a grown woman. Ugh! I’m even tearing up just thinking about that day!!

Any ways, the ceremony was short and sweet.

( My new bother in law is a very, very, very shy guy)

And I got see my sister get married to the love her life.

After the ceremony and pictures, it was time for me and the kiddo to hop on a plane and head home.

My son did amazing on take off like before. And even in our lay over in San Francisco. And just like before, when landed in Seattle, he threw a fit. Because he was tired and mommy didn’t let him have any more snacks.

By the time we got home, it was close to midnight. We were both tired. And just very thankful that we were home.

I hope to one day travel again to California. But hopefully, I stay a little bit longer and have some help with the little one.

Below are some pictures I took while we were there. And I even did some detail shots for my sister.

The one of me and my sister was taken by her photographer that she had. It’s by far one of my favorite photos of us.