Howard Wedding

I love weddings!! There is just something magical about watching two people come together while friends and family watch them become one.

Not only that, but seeing all the the details and the hard work of the wedding come together as well.

My favorite wedding theme is vintage. Hands down. It’s timeless,classic and the decor is breath taking.

And like all other weddings, this one was special to me.

I had the honor of photographing (and being a bridesmaid) at one of my best friend’s wedding.

Now realistically, I wouldn’t recommend any one to do both. Cause it’s a lot a work. But it was something I didn’t mind doing.

I got to enjoy the ceremony while standing next to my best friend and the brides sister. I got hear the most beautiful words that were said. And to see two people say I do to a love that’s lasting forever.

I couldn’t be more excited for the Howard family. And I am very humbled that I was a part of your wedding.