Ringing the New Year!!!

What a year it has been for us!!

So much has happened for us this year. It’s hard to just talk about just one thing. But I do have a few I would love to share with you all.

This year, we celebrated a year of being home owners. It may not seem like much to most, but to us, it’s huge!! It’s something  that we both worked hard for to get. And being in a permanent spot with out having to resign another lease is something I see worth celebrating!!

I have so many ideas for our place, my head might exploded. You can blame HGTV. That channel with all it’s home remodeling shows gives me too many ideas for my town home. My poor husband can’t keep up with all my crazy ideas.

At lest I’m not trying to knock out a wall in our house any time soon.

This year I also went back to work for a bit.

YES, I went back out into the world and found a job.

I worked for a wonderful company called Dream Dinners.

Before you ask me about it, I will provide a link to their website.


It’s amazing!! And the staff is incredible as well!!

I went back to work to help out my family. Cause we had just bought our house the year before and money was very tight for a family of three.

When I found this job, I had no clue what this company was about. But soon after working there for a month, it was clear that their mission is to grow great kids by bringing home made meals back to the dinner table.

I loved, and still do, everything they stood for. And, to top it off, I worked with some wonderful women. They are very empowering and encouraging . It was also nice to hear other mothers stories of their crazy little one(s) Letting me know that, I’m not alone in the mother hood world.

Sadly, I had to leave at the end of October due to some very bad shoulder pain. It was causing my left hand to go numb and making it hard to work.

I will say I cried when I gave my notice. It was very hard for me to leave cause the staff and the team behind dream dinners is incredible.

But, I have to get better. And that’s what I’m working at the moment.

Lastly, I started an etsy shop this year as well. As one of my sister in laws says, I wear many hates. It’s hard not to be so creative!!

My shop is called Wolf and Fox Design.

I do wood burning and t-shirt designs.

It first started out with wood burning. Something that I stumbled upon a couple of years ago and I just fell in love with it. It takes a lot of patience to wood burn. It’s not something you can hurry up and do. It takes time. And I think that’s why I love it.

I just recently added the t-shirts to the shop. I love designing new things and having people show casing my work in their homes.

As 2017 approaches the end, I’ll take in all the good and bad that came with it and learn from it.

It’s what going to help me grow even more for the new year.

I’m excited to see what 2018 will bring not only me, but my family as well.

Looking forward to a more healthy and adventures new year!!