The Start of My New Year


I can’t believe that January is almost over!!! I feel like I need another week to just catch a breath from this month alone.

At the beginning of the year, I made it a personal goal to work out more. Just so I could have more energy to play with my son. Well, I was going strong for a week or so, and then my son got sick. And then there is the flu that is going around like crazy. And people at the gym don’t know how to rest when they are sick.

(Not saying everyone does this, but the gym I go to, I feel like people just don’t care about their germs and their sickness.) So I went less to make sure that not only I don’t catch it, but my family doesn’t as well.

I did take some family time and spent it with my father in law at his place. My son loves to explore there!! He’s two, so it’s a perfect place for him to get all his energy out.

(Below I posted some photos of him just being his two year old self.)

Can’t wait for this summer so he can explore even more.

I’m excited for next month!! So much is going on. Tons of birthdays are coming, valentines day, and a few friends are adding new members to their growing families.

Lets hope I can also get back on track on going to the gym more.

But, we’ll see how the next month plays out.

Cause you never know what could happen with a two year old.